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Hi! I’m Jenna Eduarte. I’m a global consultant, speaker, trainer and facilitator.  I’m the woman behind and

I was born in the Philippines but lived and worked overseas providing organizational development, human resource, training and development, and capacity development consulting services. I have  extensive experience working with organizations in India, Indonesia, Philippines, East Timor, Malaysia, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Albania, Honduras, Australia, United States and United Kingdom. In the course of my 25-year career, I worked and provided consulting services to  international development organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and the private sectors. 

I am passionate about helping people discover and live their purpose, maximize their full potential, and live a life of significance. I am an engaging facilitator with in-depth sensitivity to learner environment.  I have the ability to connect with participants while creating a warm and inviting learning environment. I have had the opportunity to train people from Philippines, Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia, United States, Canada, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Albania, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and Russia.  

I have excellent facilitation skills having facilitated international conferences, trainings, seminars, workshops and forums in diverse cultural background. I deliver with skill, authenticity, empathy, and thoughtfulness and shares practical and life transforming principles.




I have designed organizational structures, conducted job evaluations and salary structure, written job descriptions across all levels and functions of the organization, mapped position competencies and profiled staff competencies against it, designed performance management systems, and written HR Policy and Procedures Manuals and Staff Handbooks among other things for numerous organizations around the world.


I have worked with the board and management of various organizations managing and implementing structural and cultural change initiatives.  Work involved identifying key issues in response to organizational growth, organizational design, designing change and transition management plans, conducting change readiness workshops, defining organizational and human resource capabilities needed to implement the change, identifying potential areas of resistance, facilitating key stakeholders meeting, developing tools for managers to communicate the changes to staff, conducting competency mapping, and assisting in the recruitment and selection of the most qualified applicants to the new positions. 

I conducted team-building and provided  inter-group interventions to help resolve issues emanating from the change process, group relations, interpersonal relations and communications. 


I have strong learning and development background – program design, management, coordination and delivery – including training impact assessment.  I have the ability to deliver workplace learning on one-on-one, small and large group sessions across all levels of the organization and in cross-cultural and multi-cultural environment.

I have designed, delivered and facilitated professional development courses, seminars, workshops on strategic planning, leadership, management, team effectiveness, delegation, managing conflict, coaching, communication, customer service, workplace relationships, managing people, managing change, problem solving, decision making, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, business etiquette, performance management, managing difficult conversation, supervising, dealing with difficult people, self-awareness, stress management, self-leadership, work-life balance and other topics.


“Jenna has high quality consulting skills where she engages with her client group, diagnoses their issues, proposes creative & effective solutions and implements a valuable program of work. Jenna worked at all levels of the organisation and was often called back in for return work due to her ability to form trusted relationships. I highly recommend Jenna.”

robyn clark
General Manager, Organisational Development, Wealth Management
Risk, GCA, Finance & HR
Commonwealth Bank, Australia
“Jenna is a highly effective consultant – knowing how to engage with clients, analyse /assess issue/problem, propose timely solutions and successfully implement the solutions. She was engaged by Macquarie University’s Staff Development Unit to develop some solid face to face workshops for the Learning and Development Program offerings.”

Sharon messina
Director, Human Resources
Catholic Mission, Australia
“ECLOF International got Jenna as our consultant to prepare a Human Resource Guidebook for the global network. The output she produced exceeded our expectations. It was very professionally done and included plenty of materials and information that elevated the way we run and comply with emerging trends in the area of human resource development and compliance.”

Larry millan
Asia and Africa Regional Support Consultant
ECLOF International, Switzerland

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